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Services Overview

At DnnGraphics we follow a clearly defined development process to ensure the delivery of an effective web solution. Offering expert and professional advice, the DnnGraphics team work with you to discover how the internet can benefit your business. This process ensures:

  • A rewarding Client–DnnGraphics relationship is built
  • Projects are managed and tracked effectively
  • Key milestones within the project are identified
  • Our approach to quality web solutions is consistent
  • All contributors understand their importance

Creativity is the essential ingredient in all DnnGraphics projects. Design and IT developers work in tandem throughout a project, ensuring your website presents the user with results quickly, and in a manner they consider appropriate and attractive.

The DnnGraphics Solution

In considering budget, as well as your desire to be (or not be) hands-on with the web site, there are two options for developing your web site.

To begin with, we will create a custom design for your site, and develop it as a DotNetNuke Skin. The DotNetNuke Skin/Theme files are what contain the content pages of the web site.

With DotNetNuke, you are given access to the DotNetNuke Administrative Area where you are able to create as many pages, Sub-pages or articles as you would like, all from your web browser. If there are multiple authors you would like to give access to, this can be done as well so that multiple people can publish articles or pages on the web site.

Once everything has been setup, including incorporating the custom design that will match the rest of the web site – no additional HTML skill is necessary.

For more advanced users, there is a “code view” option where you can edit HTML code in a page, post or article, but it is not necessary for creating simple content. The DotNetNuke Admin area provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, similar to a mini-version of Microsoft Word.

We can develop a custom DotNetNuke Theme/Skin based on the design that we create for you. Or if you are a designer, we can bring your design to life by converting it to a fully functional, custom DotNetNuke Skin.

DotNetNuke Driven WebSites

Do you want to easily update your own content?

A DotNetNuke powered CMS (Content Management System) is the way to go.

Custom DNN Themes start at $450

DotNetNuke Installation

Need to quickly get online, but only have a limited budget?

We can install and configure DotNetNuke, along with a set of essential modules for you. With the default theme, you can start getting your content “out there” until you are ready to upgrade to a custom theme design.

DotNetNuke and Module Installation starts at $100


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